Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome to our journey!

I suppose for a first blog post, I should probably introduce us and what our journey is about.

I'm Dani', mom to three very active, very boyish boys. More about them later. My husband and I have been married for eight years and three days as of this post. I like to crochet, sew, and carve stamps, along with other crafty things when the opportunity arises. I was born and raised in Illinois, but two years ago life took us to the beautiful state of Colorado.

One reason I am starting this blog is to chronicle our pseudohomeschooling "journey." My oldest son is enrolled in an online virtual school, which has allowed his active, curious personality to thrive, rather than be contained in a classroom. I can give him one-on-one attention (when the younger two are pacified!) to keep him on task. I will dedicate an entire post to why we chose this school for our son, as well as the pros and cons we've discovered in the near future.

This is our first year with a virtual school as well as our first year with schooling in general. Since birth our children, like all children, have been learning. We have done our best to foster this in them, encourage questions, and investigate together. We let them lead, and when they showed interest in a subject (mostly trains, I will admit), we Googled, read library books, watched videos, visited museums, and whatever else we could think of to help grow their knowledge on the subject. So we are no strangers to learning, but unfamiliar with schoolish territory.

Another reason for this blog is to share and organize ideas for teaching, learning, crafts, organization, recipes, and anything else even remotely related to schooling. I won't pretend to be on the same level as the hundreds of homeschool blogs out there. I have read with awe and envy. Those women are my heroes and are brimming with creativity. I have a fair bit of my own, so I thought I could humbly send a few of my own thoughts out there into the world, as well as share others' ideas that we have tried and would like to recommend.

A third reason, perhaps most selfish, I have created this blog to assist myself in looking inward in order to become more: more organized, more thoughtful, more patient, more wise. Hopefully. I am extremely good at starting things. I have great ideas and motivation. Continuing past a week or so is the hard part. So we will see how this goes. I am planning to incorporate blogging time into our school schedule, and hopefully the structure I am trying to achieve will provide the structure I am trying to achieve, if that makes any sense.

Now on to the fun stuff! Here are my wonderful boys. I've noticed that some blogs decline to provide children's actual names and substitute nicknames instead, which is a good idea. However, I haven't decided what or if I'm going to name my children yet, so for now you get pictures and descriptions.

5 years old, adores trains and just about any other mode of transportation. Determined to find a dinosaur bone one day. Does math in his head without realizing it. Loves all vegetables except "salad." Always trying to get a laugh. Finds it difficult to sit for more than 30 seconds. Easily overstimulated, hates unexpected and prolonged noises.

3 years old, loves guitars, drums, and rocking out. Favorite bands are Cake and the Aquabats. Quite verbal from an early age. Affectionate and thoughtful. Tells crazy stories. Can quote most of Vector's lines from Despicable Me. Has perpetually dirty fingernails. Extremely sensitive. Prone to temper tantrums and overreacting.

20 months old, enjoys watching Color Crew. Knows everyone thinks he's adorable and uses it to his advantage. Definitely one of the big boys and NOT a baby. Speaks in grunts and single letter sounds but signs well. Dances at the first sign of music. Picks fights with his brother. Understands much more than he lets on.