Thursday, October 11, 2012

A visual checklist

I've seen these for chore lists, using wooden door hangers. I just adjusted the idea for what we need and what we had available.

I found several of these buckets with chalkboard stars at the Dollar Spot in Target. One holds pencils, one has scissors & glue, another has crayons, and we had two empty ones. I wrote all his subjects on clothespins and clipped the ones he needs to complete today around the edge. As the Train Man finishes a subject I let him remove the clothespin and set it inside the bucket.

He can easily see what he still needs to do, and it's self-contained so he (hopefully) won't lose the pieces. I still need to find a way and a place to store all the buckets. I will work on that after we move the desk and supplies into the extra bedroom. Right now it's all in the living room, but that is too distracting with the other two running around. I can't wait to get the learning spot all set up!

These could have been a lot prettier with scrapbook paper and mod podge, or a printer and fun font. But as I shared earlier, I'm great at starting things and terrible at finishing them. If I had waited until I could get some great scrapbook paper or a nice printable setup, it would never get done! This was easy peasy and if I do get motivated to make a prettier version, I can! I could even use the same clothespins. No harm in quick 'n' dirty!

After these pictures were taken, I added two more clothespins for daily activities on websites provided by the school: one for RAZ-kids and one for Skills Tutor. You could put other activities such as lunch on clothespins and clip them in order to show the routine for the day. For now I let the Train Man decide which subject to tackle so we don't have a set order. I don't know if we will or not, but if that lonely Language Arts clothespin keeps hanging around until last, I might have to intervene.

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